About Us

Our Mission is to provide quality medicine and compassionate care in our friendly cat clinic. 

For us, it’s all about the cats.

Our Journey

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It all started when Corinne was a little girl.

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Later she went on to graduate from Colorado State University, winning the American Association of Feline Practitioners award.


And today, she is the owner of For the Love of Cats Veterinary Clinic, dedicated solely to the care and well-being of cats.

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Meet Dr. Corinne Thomas

Dr. Corinne Thomas started with a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters in Occupational Therapy before she decided to follow her passion and work with animals, especially cats. After working as an occupational therapist for several years, she moved to Colorado with the goal of being accepted to Colorado State University to pursue a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.

She graduated in 2003, earning the American Association of Feline Practitioners award. After working in general practice in the Denver area for a few years, she decided to open a feline-only clinic.

In 2007, she opened her cat clinic close to home in Loveland and names if after her love for all cats: “For the Love of Cats Veterinary Clinic.” Open now for 14 years, she continues to serve all her wonderful clients and their kitties.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband Craig and their 3 rescued cats Sophie, Lucas, and Satara, hiking, reading, and playing the piano

Meet Our Team

Kaileen | Veterinary Assistant

Kaileen has lived in Colorado her entire life. She graduated from CSU with a bachelor’s degree in Zoology in 2017. She has always loved working with animals and is lucky to start working at For the Love of Cats Veterinary Clinic in June of 2021. Since working here, she has adopted three amazing (troublemaker) cats from different walks of life. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, watching new shows, and exploring local areas with her partner, Seth. She hopes to continue working here for a long time as everyone is so wonderful and welcoming.

Katie Lucas | Certified Veterinary Technician

Katie Lucas is a Certified Veterinary Technician who began working at For The Love of Cats in the Spring of 2017. Katie completed her studies in Iowa in 2012 and shortly after became a Certified Technician with a focus on working with cats. With a dream of moving West,  Katie decided Colorado would be her new home. She moved here with her husband, Steve, their dog, Toto and two cats, Lucy and Millie. At work Katie enjoys working on dental cleanings and laser therapy. In her free time Katie loves singing, enjoying the sunshine and relaxing with her own animals.   

Angie | Veterinary Assistant

Angie started working at For the Love of Cats Veterinary Clinic, July of 2020. Since then, her love for cats has grown even stronger, and her love for working in the veterinary field even greater. Angie moved to Loveland with her two dogs. During her time working at For the Love of Cats, a sweet cat (Saphira) was in need of a home while her dad is away overseas. Angie happily took her in and loves not only working with kitties all day, but also having one in her home. Any time Angie is not at work, she is out and about enjoying the sun and hiking in the mountains.

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Pickles | Head of Sales

Pickles has enjoyed the title of resident office cat and head of sales at For the Love of Cats Veterinary Clinic since the Spring of 2018. This lovely lady is certainly the Queen of the clinic! She loves the sunshine, and can often be found napping in her bed near the door, with sunbeams gleaming off her silky fur. Her other special napping spot is on Dr. Thomas’ office chair – helping our doctor with her many tasks throughout the day, but often leaving Dr. Thomas with only a mere inch or two of the seat to herself!

If you are lucky, Pickles will even choose to sit directly on top of the paper you are writing on, and rub her face against your hand as you write.  Besides sunbathing, napping, and helping with toy sales, she likes playing with her crunchy ball and eating her favorite treats.  Pickles is adored by the whole staff and clients alike.

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We believe in high standards and quality care

Below are just a few areas we invest in to ensure our clients get the best care.

AAHA – American Animal Hospital Association

“The standard of veterinary excellence.”

  • The American Animal Hospital Association is the only organization in North America providing accreditation for veterinary practices.
  • Pursuing accreditation requires a compassionate & meaningful commitment to a high standard of care, following precise quality standards covering every aspect of the clinic’s tasks – from recordkeeping to proper surgical technique.
  • To become accredited, AAHA requires over 900 standards to be met & these standards are continuously updated as the veterinary profession evolves.
  • An average of only 12 to 15% of veterinary practices in North America hold the status of “AAHA Accredited.”

AAFP – American Association of Feline Practitioners

“Veterinary professionals passionate about the care of cats.”

  • The American Association of Feline Practitioners focuses on ensuring the welfare of our feline friends through high standards of care & evidence-based medicine. 
  • AAFP’s core values center around professionalism, respect & the ongoing pursuit of knowledge to improve the lives & health of every patient that our members encounter.

AVMA – American Vertinary Medical Association

“Collective voice of the veterinary profession”

  • The American Veterinary Medical Association seeks to advance a strong & unified field of veterinary science by advocating for its members & striving to improve animal health.
  • AVMA supports evidence-based veterinary care & promotes continuing research to advance & improve the wellbeing of all patients.
  • The members of AVMA pride themselves on being animal-focused, supporting veterinarians who endeavor to promote animal welfare.

This exclusive certification explains what the human-animal bond is and its importance in our practice. It emphasizes that we believe in strengthening the bond between our clients and their cats and the importance in respecting that bond in veterinary care. It also benefits human and animal health and how by being certified it will support the bond in our practice.

Want to join our team?

We’re always interested in meeting quality candidates who love to put cats first. If that’s you, click below to contact us and learn more about our current opportunities.